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At OmegaNet CONNECTION, our goal is to help you SELL MORE products. To sell more, we know that you need ACCESS:

  • Access to retailers’ that want to buy your products
  • Access to services that can save thousands of dollars
  • Access to banner ads that reach 1000s of buyers
  • Access to e-mail blasts that are targeted to a specific purchasers asking to see your type of products 
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Our Goal is to increase the profit margins for BOTH the Vendors AND Retailers. If we work together, we can build a better, stronger Industry.





OmegaNet provides the access you have always wanted but could not find. To join OmegaNet Connection, click “Connect Now!” Already a member? Login.



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With the included advertising and promotion that your company will receive by being a member of OmegaNet Connection, it will most likely receive more retail store traffic, more sales and save on many of its business expenses.

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