How It Works

A “Win-Win for the Whole Industry

How OmegaNet CONNECTION Works: OmegaNet CONNECTION, “The Whole Industry Buying Group,” is a membership / subscription buying group like no other.

The CONNECTION empowers and supports the success and growth for ALL participants in the Gift & Home Industry – a true “WIN-WIN”, by being an opportunity for savings. education and community. With the CONNECTION’s unique category matching system, retailers and vendors will have incredible ACCESS to each other and be able connect and do business on a totally new level.

By joining OmegaNet CONNECTION and paying a small membership fee, retailers and vendors will also have incredible ways to deal with some of the “pain-points” regularly dealt with and to increase their business and their profit margins.


Retailers in their shop

Membership in OmegaNet CONNECTION Buying Group gives retailers amazing group-pricing or special terms on products ordered directly from the vendor. There are also many free services that can save a store thousands of dollars per year. Just to name a few:

  • Discounted or free credit card processing
  • Tips and tools, webinars by industry leaders
  • Networking opportunities with other retailers and vendors in a Private Facebook Group
  • Networking opportunities with other retailers and vendors at Markets.
  • Several other free services.

Membership also includes many services available at a substantial discount, such as:

  • Websites at a huge discount
  • Discounts off social media classes
  • Many more benefits

All of these services will help retailers Save More, Sell More, Reach More and Learn More.


Woman in warehouse

In addition to the CONNECTION‘s unique category matching system that will give vendors incredible ACCESS to stores seeking products that they offer, vendor-members of the CONNECTION can also access free opportunities that can save thousands of dollars per year. Free services include:

  • Discounted or free credit card processing
  • Group shipping (FedEx & UPS) rates
  • Curated, direct access to stores
  • E-marketing services
  • Tips and tools
  • Webinars by industry leaders
  • Networking in a Private Facebook Group
  • Networking opportunities at Markets.

Other highly discounted services include:

  • B2B (wholesale order-writing) websites
  • E-marketing packages to retailers around the world
  • Integration services
  • Much more.

Service Provider Partners

Service Provider Partners participating in OmegaNet CONNECTION will give a 20-75% discount on services provided to CONNECTION members. For more details, contact or call 770-482-3012.