About Us

OmegaNet Incorporated, the developer of OmegaNet Connection, turned 25 years old in November, 2022. Founded by Toni Ivey in the Atlanta, Georgia area, the company has built hundreds of wholesale, B2B websites for Gift, Home, Garden, Accessories, Apparel, Décor and Toy companies. Millions of dollars in wholesale orders have been placed by tens of thousands of retailers during that time. Several OmegaNet wholesale-vendor clients have been with OmegaNet for 15, 20, and even the entire 25 years! New vendors are being added all the time, but two of the very earliest vendor clients are still clients of OmegaNet.

Who We Are

It’s hard to believe now, but when Ivey bought OmegaNet’s first domain name (GiftsWholesale.Com) in November of 1997, Amazon.com was only three years old and EBay.com was just two. Google and PayPal would not be founded for another year. In fact, OmegaNet is seven years older than Facebook and almost ten years older than Twitter.

That first website, GiftsWholesale.Com, is an advertising portal, where retailers can find real wholesale products. However, vendors who wanted to advertise on GiftsWholesale.com, often didn’t have their own websites, so OmegaNet began building websites. Some were just information sites, but many wanted a Business-to-Business (B2B) ordering website and that is when CAMEO© was born. “CAMEO” is an acronym for “Complete Automated Merchant Electronic Ordering”.

Since 2003, OmegaNet’s wholesale websites have been built on the “CAMEO EZ©” platform, a proprietary software system built from the ground-up for the Gift & Home industry and the special needs of wholesale ordering. Numerous upgrades and improvements have been made in the intervening years as OmegaNet’s client base has grown.

Toni and Gary Ivey at 10th Anniversary of OmegaNet

Toni and Gary Ivey serve cake at 10th Anniversary of OmegaNet

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Taking the Next Step

At OmegaNet Connection (the Whole Industry Buying Group), our goal is to help retailers and vendors alike increase sales, showroom and web traffic and to simplify the buying/selling experience for all parties. We want to make sure the retailer can successfully grow their margin and compete with Big Box retailers on price and service. ONC will provide retailers access to 1000s of the latest products that customers are looking for, product cost savings of 10%-40%, curated new product assortments right to the retailer’s inbox and a streamline purchasing system to help them save time and money.


A “Win-Win for the Whole Industry

OmegaNet CONNECTION, “The Whole Industry Buying Group,” is a membership / subscription buying group like no other.